High-energy, rhythmic, dark songs with plenty of clicks, chops and skanks. Vocals have grit and gravel and yet, have also been described as tuneful to the point of joining in riotously. Lyrics are hard-hitting and often cryptic, dealing with the darker side of life and imagination but still on occasion, lighting a minuscule beacon of hope in the land of shadows. (Ha! Ha! Ha!) They are, like the music, cynical, brooding, humorous, ebulient and ironic. And arranged in verses and choruses with twiddly bits. There is often foot-stomping accompaniment and an opportunity to ska-pogo for those who so wish.

Music in the indie-punk-ska stylee




Ten banging tracks (to my mind anyway - Ha Ha!!)in the indie-punk-ska-folk-rock stylee (have I left anything out?) that should have seen the light of day this time last year but for . . . world plague, drummers leaving, arsing around etc. Recorded and finished in my own wasteland workshop (The Mended Drum) Some older songs, some new, some re-invented but all originals by Sid (except ‘The Blackleg Miner’ which is traditional but arranged by yours truly) Features bass work by superbloke Ryan Peters. Release date should be end of June. 

Thank you and Good night


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Shotgun Marmalade
punk pop ska

Blackeyeblue by Shotgun Marmalade

Shotgun Marmalade Denim Credibility Claptrap Sep 2019

Shotgun Marmalade - Curses - Claptrap May 18



Shotgun Marmalade, indie-punk-ska infused with the rebellion of folk, existing in two life-forms, solo as Sid River and his punkoustic guitar, and powerhouse three-piece with Ryan Peters (Smoking Pilchards, Bedtime Susan) on bass and Rob Simmons on drums. As a band, the trio rekindle the spirit of New wave '79 guitar music. Based in the Kingswinfor/Stourbridge/Worcester area of the Midlands but gigging wherever the trail leads. Oi Oi.

Shotgun Marmalade Katie's with Blast Bomb
Shotgun Marmalade Katie's with Blast Bomb 3
Shotgun Marmalade Brew & Kitch
Shotgun Marmalade Paradiddles 2
Shotgun Marmalade Blackeyeblue thumbnail
Shotgun Marmalade Claptrap showcase 2
Shotgun Marmalade Cartoon 2
Shotgun Marmalade Roadhouse
Shotgun Marmalade Rob studio
WMF 2019 Chestnut 4.jpg
Alberts shed 13 March 19.jpg
Shotgun Marmalade Frankville
Annie's burgerless shack 1-11-19 2.jpg
WMF 2019 Chestnut 6.jpg
WMF 2019 Chestnut 1.jpg
Shotgun Marmalade Katie's with Blast Bomb 2
Alberts shed 1 March 19.jpg
Annie's burgerless shack 1-11-19 4.jpg
WMF 2019 Chestnut 2.jpg
Annie's burgerless shack 1-11-19 1.jpg
Claptrap first gig 2.jpg
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